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Linda Anderson Stewart, fine art artist

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The creation of this website was done by three people, the artist, a graphic designer and a web designer. The artist had a strong vision of how she wanted the site to reflect her work. The graphic designer created the lovely graphics for the site that honored Linda’s work. As the web designer, I took the concept and designs and turned them into a working website that could be easily updated by the artist herself. This allows the artist to be able to add and remove works herself, whenever there is a need for it.

There was a lot of collaboration between all parties, and everyone was pleased with the
final outcome.


Click on the image to go to the website, www.lindaandersonstewart.com



Linda Anderson Stewart's website not only showcases her range of work, but also contains information about the artist, lists the galleries she's represented by and highlights upcoming shows of her work.

Her fine art is represented in galleries across Alberta, Canada.







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